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PAvani trinity

Pavani trinity, Bangalore Highway, Hmda and rera project

About property

pavani trinity

Pavani Trinity is a premium HMDA approved villa plots project in Chatanpally (Kothur) ,Shadnagar. Located in the heart of the emerging southern growth carridor of Hyderabad. It’s situated on National Highway NH 44 (Hyderabad to Bangalore).

Closer proximity to Outer Ring Road and Shamshabad International Airport makes it an excellent investment opportunity.

Small investments today leads to safe and best returns tomorrow



pavani trinity
  • Shamshabad International Airport  
  • Timmapur New Railway Hub 
  • Swarna Bharat Trust
  • Statue of Equality Ramaniua
  • Avenue plantation
  • JIMS Hospital
  • Adjacent to Bangalore Highway
  • Procter & Gamble

location highlights

pavani trinity
  • 5 minutes Drive to Kothur
  • 5 minutes Drive to Procter and Gamble
  • 5 minutes drive to DLF Garden city
  • 10 minutes drive to Shadhnagar MMTS
  • 20 minutes drive to ECO fields
  • 18 minutes drive to NRSC Shadhnagar
  • 10 minutes drive to Tata Science University
  • 15 minutes Nacto Pharma

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24*7 Electricity


Entrance Gate

Swimming Pool


B.T. Roads

Water tank


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